Zoom Limitless Luxe® DIY Lash Cluster Sets - QUEEN

Limitless Luxe® DIY Lash Cluster Sets - QUEEN



Get ready to lash yourself like a pro with our DIY Lash Cluster Kits! No lash artist needed. Begin your DIY journey now.


Cluster Lash + Black Bond and Seal


  1. Brush a layer of Bond on your natural lashes.
  2. Use Tweezers to gently remove the lash clusters from the tray, clipping the middle to avoid tearing.
  3. Place the clusters 1-1.5mm away from the root of your natural lashes. Start from the outer corner and place lashes side by side to avoid gaps.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Seal under the lashes to remove sticky residue and secure them.


  1. Expect delivery in 3-5 business days via DHL/FedEx.
  2. Orders ship within 24 hours, with tracking numbers provided by email after shipping.

If we can't ship your order on time due to stock issues, our service team will contact you as soon as possible.

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